Top 5 Money Saving Tips for New Photographers
  1. Rent Lenses Rather Of Buying Them: There are places where you can rent several lenses from, such as and also and even a pre-paid return label for shipping would be sent to you. Renting of lenses would enable you know what your favorites are and gives you further knowledge about lenses before you buy yours. It serves as an opportunity to work with more improved lenses without owing or going bankrupt. Have in mind that this is just a little information for amateur photographers who are just beginning. It’s advisable to include the amount of a new lens into the bill of your customer session as you advance and acquire experience.
  2. Consider Used Lenses (Second-Hand): This entails buying a lens or another other tool that is needed from a reliable and genuine expert, your benefit is the certainty of the lens that it has been in perfect condition. Several cameras are able to tell the amount of times the shutter clicked, which is always easy and ready to use. Check some public photography Facebook groups and pages to acquire knowledge about used lenses and cameras that may be up for sale.
  3. Get Published: Ever before you spend money on online and printed adverts; consider publishing your photos first. Your works can be submitted to websites like: to get exposed and begin the construction of your brand. Endeavor to submit your work to websites that have a mutual target audience with you.
  4. Rent Or Share Studio Space: You will not just save only money on rent every month by sharing space, they will have gotten backdrops and lighting apparatus already that you can use too. By having customer sessions in a perfect studio you are already placing yourself as a professional. There is no real cause to let a probable customer know that you are renting or sharing the space.
  5. Use Pre-Made Templates: As an expert photographer, you will require some kind of branding. There are so many great templates obtainable online that you can utilize for your emblem, website or advertising in general. Websites like: offers these kinds of templates.
  6. Start With E-Mail Marketing: There are various ways of exhibiting your photography brand at a cheap and reasonable price before deliberating on paying for an advert. E-mail promotions have greater income on investments more than several businesses and brands would think about. With this platform, your email commercial list is at your disposal to use at any time, unlike social media platform that are continuously developing and changing. Ensuring that customers have actually joined to start getting emails from you is highly significant, so as to enable this strategy work effective. Platforms includes: and 

These platforms are fairly popular among photographers, and both parties have trials for free that they can regard as advantages and make good use of as they begin.

November 21, 2017 by Salbine Baghramian