Elated customers are likely to do business with you subsequently. If you hope to secure subsequent bookings from your current customers, there are strategies that you can put into practice and practically enable you to do just that: Enlighten them.

  1. Teach Them What To Wear:  Enlightening your customers on the type of clothing they should avoid and that which will turn out well on the photograph is of high importance. Though to you as a photographer this might be easy to determine, but this might not be plainly understood by others. Guide them on what to wear based on the particular shoot they have reserved. For instance, a bright, printed shirt shouldn’t be worn for a portrait photo session as it may distract them. If they come in some unattractive clothing, this might result in them not having a positive remark about your photos and might not come back for further business.  
  1. Use Your Portfolio To Educate Clients: The pictures displayed in your portfolio tell much about your panache of photography. By exhibiting your portfolio while in meetings with probable customers they can have a better knowledge of your style and no surprises or disappointments later would surface later on. Platforms such as P.Interest would be needed to make it very easy for probable customers to discover your work so as to use it as inspiration.


  1. Make Use Of FAQS: Reduce customer’s questions by making an FAQ page on your website at which they can refer to. This saves you stress and assists you in handling the same question through email every time a survey is received. Creating an FAQ page entails that you are glad to respond to any question that a customer has to ask and also entails that you have the knowledge to do so. To start making your FAQ list, read past emails from customers, and make a list of inquiries they have made. Sort these questions until it gets to the most common questions. The FAQ page is a great device for securing meetings with new customers so you can immediately teach them the essentials. If a fresh inquiry comes up, they can be added to your FAQ page without difficulty for future reference.


  1. Prep Your Price List: By making your prices always obtainable through email and online, there would not be any form of shocks for your customers afterward as the information will be accessible without stress. By displaying your prices openly, you will get to know that any customer who sure contacts you has foreknowledge and is set to pay your displayed prices. You can also include the reasons why you charge whatever you’re charging so they would be able to understand what you offer and what they are paying for. 


  1. Tell Them What To Expect: Give your customers a positive knowledge of the way you work and a clue before, during, and after the shoot. For instance, if it’s a bride and groom you’re handling, let them know what should be dealt with and sorted out before the wedding day such as venue, walkthrough, etc. After that guide them through our timeline for the wedding day and enlighten them on how they should pose. So many questions are likely to come up after shootings, so it’s best you deliberate on the number of pictures that will be modified and when it would be ready for delivery.

  2. Bonus Tip: Generate an automatic email messaging a day after the wedding thanking the couple for allowing you to handle their ceremony and also remind them of when their photos will be ready for delivery. This surely would help reduce the number of email messages you get after any event.

  3. Suggest Ideal Photo Session Times And Locations: You may get to notice that some customers request to have you take their photo at a period when the sun is too bright, you then have to suggest the appropriate time to be photographed, which is 15-20 minutes before sunset and after sunset, you would see that at the end they would be filled with happiness. The same goes for location if you realize that their selected location doesn’t have good lighting or nice backgrounds you have to let them know. After all, they are paying you for your professional judgment and skills. You can as well take them to a better location than they perhaps have not thought or been to before but would end up loving it. The bonus for them here is by mentioning a venue you have knowledge of and have worked at previously, you’ll already be acquainted with where to make a perfect shot. 

November 21, 2017 — Salbine Baghramian